A Genie on the desk

Photo by Diego F. Parra: https://www.pexels.com/photo/genie-in-miracle-garden-15131329/

The 8-bit home computer EACA “Colour Genie” EG2000

This 8-bit keyboard computer will soon be leaving me again, as I unfortunately don’t have the time to spend more time with it.

Nevertheless, I would like to take this (last) chance to introduce you to a rather rare computer from the early 1980s.

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The 64’er magazine turns 40!

Before I was able to hold my own C64 breadbox in my hands in 1985, I had already read several issues of the now legendary 64’er magazine from the Markt&Technik publishing house in Germany. March 20, 2024 marked the 40th anniversary of the publication of the first issue: Congratulations to one of the formative magazines of my youth!

And now, after 40 years, the first issues from back then are being published again. This time, however – in keeping with the times – online on the Internet and as a PDF download.

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Full speed null modem cable for EPSON HX-20

To transfer software for the EPSON HX-20 from the PC, a so-called null modem cable is required. These cables usually have 9 pin D-Sub connectors at both ends. Therefore it is necessary to cut such a cable in the middle to solder a round 8 pin DIN connector to the open end.

For the HX-20 there are basically two variants for a data transmission cable. The simple variant requires only 3 cable wires, but has the disadvantage that no handshake or data flow control is possible. Ergo, only a low transfer rate is possible. I already presented such a simple cable here some time ago.

Here I now describe the more complex variant of a null modem cable, which is also suitable for higher transmission rates with data flow control. This allows a much more stable connection between PC and HX-20.

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