Schneider EURO PC I

My first own PC in the early 90s: Schneider EURO PC … an XT with 8088, 512 kB RAM and 3.5″ floppy.

Nostalgic feelings come up! After almost 30 years, I hold a EURO PC in my hands again and type the DOS commands from back then as if it were a matter of course. The Schneider Computer was my first own PC. It was the affordable version of an IBM compatible computer for home use or the small office. It was also very compact, because the whole computer including the floppy drive was housed in the keyboard case. The external power supply could be placed under the desk and together with the 12″ monochrome monitor the computer did not take up as much space on the desk as comparable computers.

Today, these models have become very rare and accordingly expensive to buy on Ebay. All the more pleased to have got hold of a really nice device.

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