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Sinclair 128K ZX Spectrum +2

With the ZX Spectrum Plus, the ZX is finally growing up! And yet it was the beginning of the end for the British company Sinclair as a legendary computer manufacturer. Because in 1986 the British competitor Amstrad acquired the trademark rights for Sinclair and released with the Spectrum +2 and +3 two successors of the 8-bit computer with 128kB memory – one with built-in cassette recorder drive and the other with floppy disk drive. Thus Amstrad took over the design from its own computer line, which also had a built-in cartridge drive or floppy disk drive.

I am especially proud to have a Spectrum +2A in my collection, because this model was not very widespread in Germany.

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Welcome to my site … made by a homecomputer enthusiast of the 80s for just those and who are simply interested in it 😉

This is not only about the famous “bread box”, the Commodore C64, but generally about 8-bit home computers of the 80s … the time when we (now about 45/50 years old) had the first contact with computers.

So besides the Commodores, it’s also about the Schneider, Amstrad, Sinclair, Atari, Apple

So have fun exploring the site!

The Apple //c – The Cute One

Apple //c with ProDOS 3.3 and 9″ green monitor


The Apple IIc or //c was the portable version of the famous Apple II computer (the c stands for compact) and was launched in 1984. That was the same year that Apple also launched the first Macintosh pushed by Steve Jobs. Two camps had formed within the company: On the one hand, the developers around Steve Wozniak with the extremely successful Apple II and on the other hand Steve Jobs, who was determined to realize his vision of the Macintosh – a computer with a graphical interface and mouse. With the Apple //c, the Apple II developers countered with a stylish, compact computer that was fully compatible with Apple II. The computer also looked good on the boss’s desk. However, the device cannot be called a laptop, as the screen was external and the computer had no battery.

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